Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quoting New York Times and Huffington post on vintage style clothing making a huge come back and a Shrististudio mention

The well known newspapers had articles recently where they said vintage style clothing is making a huge come back. People prefer to wear anything but the current. The reason they give is that Americans can't trust the stock market and the corporations. These newspapers think old clothing styles with a classic feel will assuage consumer anxiety in shaky times. Some think the vintage styles are making a comeback because fashion industry is out of ideas

Well ! I totally disagree and I know followers of vintage fashion disagree too. When we go through the old vintage photographs we are just too fascinated by what a great fashion statement these looks made. How beautiful our mothers and aunt's looked in them. We try to emulate those looks because they were extraordinary fashion times. What's good never goes out of style.

Contemporary designer runways have shown heavy ’50s influences this year. You must be going Oh ! those won't be for affordable prices. Nothing to worry ! I will have them in my store in time for fall.

Louis vuitton clothing

Were you looking for vintage reproduction swimsuits for summer ?

both can be found on http://www.jantzen.com/

Heads up vintage girls ! keds has this shoe in their stores this year. I know many of you love them

Also Shrististudio was mentioned and linked  in the huffington post article about the vintage styles making a comeback.


geschichtenvonkat said...

congrats on all the great press lately! i completely agree with your take on why vintage fashion is so popular...i look at old photos and find the looks to be so much more graceful and flattering!

Justice Pirate said...

Those shoes are adorable!!
I bought a lovely vintage styled bathing suit in February that I can't wait to wear. I am really really really modest when it comes to bathing suits, and always have been. . like even when I buy two pieces I wear shirts over them. I feel so exposed!! you know? haha. I am a one-piece person and usually wear shorts with those!! I'm crazy!!!

Anyway I agree and disagree. I prefer vintage because I think it looks beautiful and it is available but at the same time with how I am all anti human trafficking/slave labour, it just is also one of those reasons too but it was not the main reason, because I have been wearing vintage since before I knew about the issue.
yey for the press and I hope business booms.

love those shoes!

Darlene said...

Congrats on all the great press! You're affordable reproductions set you apart, Shristi! Thank you for making such adorableness pocket-friendly!

ShristiStudio said...

justice I am a lot like you with bathing suits. I have something that looks like a short little black dress and I wear a cycling shorts underneath. I have heard little girls giggling behind me at my dress :) Or may be it could be inside my head because I am shy ! !

I don't know if I am modest but I think I still need to loose some baby fat :0 and exercise more.

There is benifit to wearing swim suits that cover. We are also protected from the sun. More protection from the UV rays !

ShristiStudio said...

Darlene I am so happy you recognize my efforts on the costs of the dress. I work very hard for it:)

dogwood said...

Congrats on the press... and not just any press, big-time press!

I agree with you. Good design is good design whether it's new or old. I don't gravitate to vintage styles because they make me feel safe, and I don't go for every vintage style (I don't like something just because it's vintage). Anyway, you do beautiful work! So Congrats!


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