Saturday, June 12, 2010

Sharing a moment of pride ! We were linked from lucky magazine's website

Twilla from http://living-vintage.blogspot.com/


Justice pirate from http://tiedemanntribe.blogspot.com/

have been modeling for my clothing line. Take a look at some of their great pictures .

So what happens when you are supported by beautiful women like them? Your website lands on lucky magazine along with other famous names.

The link to the store and the coupon code screen shot


Ligeia said...

congrats!! that's great news :)

love the shots, really beautiful <3

Atomic Mama said...

thats awesome! congrats!

Darlene said...

Fantastic and well-deserved! I cannot wait to order a dress with crinoline soon... Woohoo!

Rose said...

Congrats! You have choosen the perfect models for your beautiful dresses.
Cant wait to see the winner of your custom dress giveaway :)


Justice Pirate said...

aww that's great!!!! congratulations!!

Queen of the Nerds said...



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