Monday, June 21, 2010

Jackie O with a bow ! Dress is done like you asked it to be !

The dress is made the way you asked it to be ! I am so glad you have a say in what I add to my store.
Chiffon dresses in the same style are ready too. Didn't find time to take pictures yet. Some of you asked me to make the style below with sleeves and in different colors. They will be made in our mass produced styles which will be added to the store just in time for the holidays.

Every time I make something new I will take your opinion first :) No matter who the winner of the custom dress giveaway is going to be , I will keep making the styles the readers requested and share with all of you. Just remember to keep checking back and see if the dress of your dreams is available on shrististudio.


Ligeia said...

I absolutely love it!
so beautiful


Justice Pirate said...

how exciting!

Rose said...

How lovely, cant wait to see the dress in different colours and with sleeves too :)


pooja said...

classic and clean .. Great work !


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