Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What's in model/photographer Autumn Luciano's pin up closet ?

You have no idea how very excited I feel when a buyer sends me a picture of her wearing one of my dresses ! ! Especially when it's sent by a pin up photographer. I am sure many of you know her she takes lovely pin up pictures http://www.decadencedolls.com/


She also hosts pin up parties. How exciting is that ! I would so love to go to one of them ! I have posted some of her pin up pictures here.

 See many more of her talent in capturing day today moments on http://www.autumnluciano.com/

                         You can understand how talented she is by just looking at one of her photographs posted    below .

Not to forget she also contributes to  http://www.vintagelifemagazine.com/ How awesome is that ?

Thanks Autumn Luciano for adding a ShristiStudio dress to your pin up closet.


Anonymous said...

That's just too cool, Shris! Your dresses are taking on a new life, all over the world, yah?

Autumn Luciano said...

I'm completely flattered! (o: I'm sure this is only the first of many, I love your dresses.

Justice Pirate said...

That is really awesome. How cute. You should put an add up in Vintage Life Magazine! I look through it myself.

Justice Pirate said...

P.S. I like how she tied it sorta on the side front too instead of straight in the back!

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