Friday, March 19, 2010

My vintage inspired dress or was it Miss.V inspired dress?

I want to share the story behind how my most best selling style was created. The style is a huge hit among my buyers. Many of them email me saying it fit them though it was made for them. It's a very flattering comment for my work.I don't use measurements that I got from any catalogs or a retailer . I developed my measuring charts by experience from making dresses for incredible number of women.

 Actually one of my buyers on July 11th 2008 emailed me and said she wanted me to make a custom dress for her . I will just call her Miss. V here. She did not like the hem ruffles I used for the dresses I use to make then.The blue dress below is the style she was referring to. So I made her a dress as per her measurements and shipped it.

But she didn't like the dress I made for her !!  After a month or so I started thinking what I could have done on the dress that would make it more flattering ? I added a waist band and made the criss cross opening in the front thinking it would accomodate different body types. Hurrah ! it was a hit. The first dress I made during the fall that year is posted below.The neck had a litte sweet heart shape then. Later on I changed it to a V neck.

                                                          Stay tuned as there are more stories to be told.

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Anonymous said...

OMG I love that blue polka dot dress! I have the light blue with little polka dots and the white dress with red and green dots. My husband thinks I look like an elf in the red and green one, so I won't be wearing that again until next winter.


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