Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a imaginary Alice in Wonderland tea party and you are invited !

 My daughter is going to turn three very soon. If I had a couple of thousand dollars to spend this is how I would celebrate the ocassion. I would choose a beautiful place overlooking a lake. I wish for a nice big tree near the lake with lots of shade.

    Look the cute invitaions are ready !

                I would hang these little paper flowers from the tree.


I will have these huge pink lemonade swirl lollipops as the center piece .

  I will have little white tables with these little mushroom toadstools for the little ones .


I can't decide between these two tea sets.What a lovely idea for a tea party pretend play!



I am sure you are thinking of the little boys who would like to run all around instead of drinking pretend tea from pretend cups. I will give them these pinwheels or pin them to the ground. Whenever they are ready they can pick them and run allover the place. Can the party get anymore colorful ?

I love cup cakes on a tower for birthdays than the birthday cake. I will have a cupcake tower in the center and a candle on top.


I will surruond the tower with little blue cupcakes with Alice in wonderland cup cake toppers.

Now for the big one .....This is what the birthday girl will wear. I love this dress ! See how the dress looks all Alice in wonderland type but not like a halloween costume !

How can I forget the party favors. I love this mad hatter favor boxes.

I love all the varieties I can find on esty. If you buy something here you are sure to hear "Where did you get that?"

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