Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Some awesome buyer appreciation pictures and emails to share with you

I get very excited when I receive appreciation pictures from buyers. It really does say that I have been doing a good job and it encourages me to keep on doing it. From now on all the buyers who send me an appreciation picture get a coupon for15% off to use on my website and the coupon code can be transferred to friends and family as well.

Around 6 months back I got an email from a buyer who bought a dress from me which read

                                                         "  Huge Thank You "

"I just wanted to send a quick message because I absolutely love your dresses. I quit my job this spring and decided to go on a three month trip around Europe as an act of freedom. I've backpacked before for a couple weeks but never so long and knowing that I would need at least one nice outfit in my pack, I took a purple polka dotted dress sold on your site. The dress was not only a lifesaver (you have no idea how many churches I avoided being shunned from because it covered my knees and shoulders) but the only article of clothing that made it back from the trip! All my shirts, pants, and shorts were thrown out and replaced because of the constant and rough wear but that little dress held up beautifully. Keep up the absolutely fantastic work! "

Here is another email and Steph I really don't mind you using it as a Halloween Costume :)

Hi there,

Oh my gosh, I'm sooo sorry I didn't get this to you sooner. I totally forgot to send you the picture of me in the dress I bought from you. I hope you don't mind that I used it as a Halloween costume. I went as a stepford wife; the funny makeup is robot showing through :) Hope this helps you! Thank you soo soo much again for the fabulous dress!
ps: I attached a full length picture of me in the dress and then a waist up pic with a friend of mine.


Here is an email and a picture from Natalie

"I got a dress made from you a while back. Sorry i forgot to send a pic. I love the new website and am hoping to make another order again soon! Thank you! "


Photographer/Model Autumn Luciano took this wonderful appreciation picture for me of a dress she bought more than a year back. I am so impressed.

Sorry ! I haven't been updating my blog. The last 4 months were very busy shopping seasons. I am still working on the wonderful picture contest I am going to do with Victoria, Autumn, and Tracy
Will keep you all updated.


Victoria / Justice Pirate said...

awww I wish you got many many more photos of customers in dresses. They are lovely.

Autumn Luciano said...

I'm so excited about your contest!


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