Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wear it with sock and stockings- The new trend that I totally love

I just love this new trend for fall . Now I can wear all my short dresses with a knee high sock and stay warm.
If you wear dresses to mid thigh then the designers permit you to wear them with fishnets and a knee high scow combination.

I am sharing some pictures from the ramp and some from the everyday fashionistas from around the globe.

I love the vintage style dress she is wearing with a knee high sock.

A simple shirt dress ,my favorite right now which the model above has styled with knee high sock .I really really want to try it.

I don't wear shorts but if you do, the stocking with a knee high sock is a great way to do it. I love the school girl look like second model but may be I am getting a little older to pull it off ! he he . But if you tried it send me a picture.

I just love the vintage styling of the dress and the way the sock looks with it.

some more photos for your inspiration

Pulling a knee high sock look can be a little tricky so go trough some of these tips from fashionstyle become gorgeous 


•It is extremely important to choose the right length of the socks. Indeed as the name denotes this trend encourages the wear of knee-high socks. However it is still important to consider whether this accessory works for our body shape. Undoubtedly similar accessories shift the attention to the thighs. Therefore if you are not totally satisfied with your parameters, make sure you devote more effort to selecting the right designs.

•Those who struggle with a few extra-inches in this section should go for socks that reach just below the knees and not a bit over them. This is the ideal alternative to still adopt this trend. A similar choice will have a miraculous slimming effect on your silhouette since it would accentuate the lower part of your legs as nice and lean ankles rather than slightly thick thighs. Make them loose rather than too tight to feel comfortable and give some space for your skin to breathe naturally.
                 If you are going to wear longer dresses the sock look can also be done like this

I will share more trends I love, that can be sported with vintage style dresses soon. Until then take care.


Leslie R. said...

I love this look. Can't wait for long sock weather!

Justice Pirate said...

this was always an old trend to me! I used to get made fun of for wearing socks up all the time with various types of shoes. I wonder if those people who mocked me are wearing them now like I always have hehehehe.

ShristiStudio said...

Justice - "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”

Coco Chanel

Ligeia said...

im not really into wearing that kind of socks (my legs do not allow me to wear that heheh) but stockings are like heaven :)



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