Monday, April 5, 2010

You just hired yourself a little boys room decorator !

When I think of little boys and their room decors all that comes to mind is base balls, soccer balls on a blue background and sometimes cars or airplanes for a change. The greatest thing about online shopping is you can see all unique stuff for room decor which you don't see in retail outlets.

I did a search on google but they didn't give me any fun results. I saw the same soccer balls and the cars. Went to etsy and found this wonderful collection. I planned a little room decoration. Visit the stores I have referred and you can design a fun room with your own theme. Why etsy is so different ? because all the things you find here are handmade one of a kind. They don't come out of factories. They are the results of imaginations of the store owners . You can put together a wonderful room for a fair price.

I just love the wall decals for kids room. Yes it can be easily removed without leaving any traces.They come in so many different designs. I liked the one where the little boy is blowing bubbles !

But I have a different look for the room in mind so sadly I can't incorporate this lovely design to the room I am going to talk about. I like the color the wall is painted in the picture below and I like to apply the decal just behind the headboard as shown in the picture.

I found an array of wonderful quilts on etsy too . You can choose a colorful quilt. It will  make the room look bright . Just cover half the bed with this bright quilt. I am sure they can make it in any size you want.

I found this monkey print Laura Ashley sheets on bedding style.com.


You can decorate the bed with fun pillows like the one below. I love them so much !

I think little boys room should not be decorated on just one theme . They should have as many different things as they can have. It will just suit their mood. One day they might want to be a pirate the cowboy the next day or they might want to roar like a dinosaur the day after. On one wall I would represent their ever changing interests by putting together these wonderful prints.Talk to the sellers to get these prints in the size of your choice. They might help you out.

I love this cowboy style wall letters. You could just hang the first letter of your little boys name at the door.

You can have one of these measuring sticks on a narrow wall in the room.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful collection of little boy's room decor. Thanks for including my wall letters!

Little Prints said...

I agree if I needed anything for my kids room I would go to etsy! Thanks for including my pirate ship! =)

Justice Pirate said...

These are GREAT!!! thanks so much. I have nothing really in my sons' bedroom.

Alysia {Prost to the Host} said...

Hello! I just bought some vinyl decorations on Etsy. I am so excited to see them in person. It is really adds some punchiness to a space.


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